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Pole Dancing

Pole dancingIn general, Pole Dancing is recognised as a performing art that fuses elements of dance, acrobatics and gymnastics. Historically speaking, Pole Dancing has been linked to strip and nightclubs. Pole Dancing involves dancers performing on vertical poles, and has been increasingly gaining popularity all over the world for over a decade now.

History of Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing enthusiasts have constantly tried to alter the public’s general perception of Pole Dancing. These followers promote Pole Dancing as a non-sensual or non-sexual style of dance and gymnastics.

In fact, poles were used 800 years ago when exercising. The Indian sport was known as Mallakhamb and involved great stamina, endurance and core-body strength. Those practicing the traditional sport used wooden poles which were significantly wider in diameter than the poles used in contemporary times.

With the passage of time, Chinese circuses started using poles to perform acrobatic acts. They would position a pole in the middle of the tent. Then circuses commonly used two poles, where acrobats (mostly men) performed jumps as the leaped from one pole to the other. After the 1920s pole shows from the circus tents to bars, where poles were commonly used when performing Burlesque Dancing.

The earliest recorded pole performance as we know it today was performed by Belle Jangles at a known strip club in Oregon, USA. Since the 80s, Pole Dancing has been mainly performed at strip clubs and night clubs.

A decade later, the negative thoughts connected to Pole Dancing began to shift, and many started promoting Pole Dancing as a performance art and exercise form. Gradually, yet effectively, Pole Dancing has been viewed as performance art and gymnastics routine and the dance form has been included in dance competitions.


Dancers involved in Pole Dancing work on their body strength, endurance, body core and flexibility. Pole Dancing is used as an aerobatic or gymnastic workout, where dancers work on increasing their muscle strength.

Pole Dancing Performance

In order to Pole Dance, dancers obviously need a vertical pole, which are commonly made of steel or brass. These poles need to be long enough to fit perfectly from the floor to the ceiling. Pole Dancing usually involves a variety of climbs, spins and bends, emphasising the body strength and flexibility of the dancer.

Even though, the majority link Pole Dancing to women performers, men are also increasingly getting involved. Pole Dancing Competitions and Shows are becoming more common as the public’s perception concerning Pole Dancing is changing.

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