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Latin Dancing

latin daningFamed for its sensual nature, Latin Dancing is fast becoming a popular dance style both on dance floors and as a form of exercise. This surprising increase in popularity derives from the plethora of dance shows and movies emphasising the art and skill of Latin Dancing. Latin Dancing has been performed in Ballroom events for years now and is one of the most fast growing and fun styles of dancing. Latin Dancing steps are quite simplistic and straightforward and thus can be enjoyed by all, both professionals and amateurs.

Latin Dance Styles

When referring to Latin Dancing, most have in mind the dances that derived from the Latin American countries and culture. In actuality there exist two types or rather styles of Latin Dancing, the first, as mentioned before are those originating from Latin America while the second refers to a collection of Ballroom Latin Dancing, known as International Latin Dancing. International Latin Dancing comprises of five dancing styles, the Cha-Cha, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive and Samba.

International Latin Dances


The Cha-Cha is an energetic, powerful and impertinent type of Latin Dance. Dancers move to original Latin music or in some cases, to Latin pop music. Cha-Cha derived and evolved from Mambo.


The Rumba is commonly known as the love dance, as dancers usually dance to amorous and romantic Latin songs. Generally, the Rumba is easy to learn and follow, and quite favoured amongst dancers.


The Samba is a fast paced dance involving many turns and jumps! The dance form derives from Brazil and is incredibly vibrant and lively.

Paso Doble

Paso Doble is a Spanish name for Two-step. Paso Doble is characterised as a vibrant dance style that requires less movement of the hips, in contrast to other Latin Dancing.


Jive is actually the newest form of Latin Dancing which evolved from Country dancing. It is a lively and energetic Latin Dance involving diversified step-patterns.

The Style of Latin Dancing

In comparison to other Ballroom Dancing, Latin Dancing is more energetic, sensual and rhythmical. Latin Dancing commonly involves dance partners, a man and woman, where at times dance upholding a closed position or by holding one hand. Latin Dancing is generally characterised as spicy and physical, where rapid-paced rhythms and sensual movements make Latin Dancing incredibly entertaining.

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