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Elena Papanikolaou is a talented Greek costume designer professional, with more than 20 years of experience in the field. She is known within the fashion world as one of the most gifted and successful designers, who takes pride in her work and creates all the costumes she designs by hand. She believes each dancer she collaborates with is unique, with a unique personality, thus the costumes need to project the dancer’s distinct emotions on stage and represent the emotions they wish to project while in the spotlight. For this reason, Elena Papanikolaou’s costumes are all handmade, ensuring the costume’s uniqueness and diversity from the rest.
Elena Papanikolaou has cooperated with an abundance of theatre and stage productions, and is highly regarded amongst the field. She specialises in the design of dance wear and her success is evident when considering the abundance of productions she has created costumes for. Besides being a recognised Costume Designer in the fashion industry, she is also a talented and successful Styling Director.
During recent years she has gained professional recognition through her exceptional work in television productions. She has been appointed as the Head Ballet Costume Designer in the majority of television production shows aired in Greece. Elena Papanikolaou has designed costumes for popular shows such as X Factor, Dancing with the Star and Dancing on Ice for five consecutive years. Additionally, she is also involved in the design of costumes and styling of the Mad Video Music Awards (V.M.A.), an annual music award show in Greece.
Elena Papanikolaou is a highly skilled professional, who designs and creates costumes according to the character an individual needs to reflect on stage, thus creates a balanced setting between the dancer, actor or singer and the stage or scene. She focuses on using the right combination of texture and colours in all her work, in an attempt to accentuate the performer’s skills through her designs.
Currently, Elena Papanikolaou is working as a Costume Designer and Styling Director