dancing_with_the_stars18As you all know Lyrical Dancing fuses ballet and modern styles of dancing. Dancers move gracefully as well as rhythmically, using their entire bodies. Dancers usually opt for simplistic yet elegantly dance costumes. Usually the dance costumes are made of light and flowing material to allow freedom of movement thus emphasising on the dancers’ every move. Dance costumes are meant to attract the audience’s attention, by focusing on the dancers’ bodies and graceful movements they make. Their bodies express a sentiment, a story as well as an expression which need to be highlighted by their performance. Lyrical dance costumes are generally loose and blowy-like. When performing with a dance team, all dance members are dressed the same accentuating their uniformity as well as adding to the glamour of their performance.

Themed dances are the only category of dance, where dancers may choose out of a variety of dance costumes depending on their theme. Generally, themed dancing are great fun as dancers perform to a particular song or period of time, and accordingly they need to dress the part. Dancers are free to express their playfulness as well as their professional skills and techniques. For instance, when dancing to a 60s song, dancers need to be dressed as if taken out of a 60s scene! Therefore, themed dances are elaborate, stylish, fun and need a lot of props! When looking for costumes for a themed performance, it is vital for all dancers to look similar in terms of style, design and the material used so as to accentuate their professional nature and techniques. Most importantly, dance costumes need to represent the themed dance. When engaged in theme dancing, a dancer’s costumes as well as his/her moves are judged equally. Dancers’ play a part, similar to actors!

dancing_with_the_stars17Dancers engaged in cultural or folklore dances are required to perform in folklore outfits which represent their culture or the country they are representing. Many times it is considered rude and inappropriate to perform a cultural dance without wearing the right outfit. All folklore dances are accompanied by their own unique outfits which dancers are required to wear when performing. Additionally, it is crucial for dancers to be aware of the culture which they are representing through their dance, in order to express the dance form efficiently and professionally.

Children dances are meant to be childish, playful and colourful! That being said, their costumes need to express their childish nature adding colour, life and playfulness to their performance! Although children do perform many dance forms adult dancers engage in, their costumes should not be a replica of mature dancers. Generally, children’s costumes need to interest as well as represent them. The best choice to opt for is to select costumes that are themed as well as comfy.

When performing it is essential for dancers to look like pros as well as dress like pros. On stage, dancers are like actors who play a role and express feelings, emotions and sentiments through their movements. Costumes need to blend with the entire concept of the performance but at the same time they need to be practical as not to interfere with the dancer’s routine. Elena Papanikolaou Couture Dancewear is an established and experienced dancewear company that creates handmade dance costumes for dancers. Elena Papanikolaou creates custom made dance costumes by taking into account the dancer’s style, image they are required to project n stage, type of dance and usefulness. The company creates dancewear costumes that will aid the dancer dance their heart out on stage!