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Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom DancingBallroom Dancing refers to a dance where couples, a male and female dancer, move to music using dance steps and rhythms which suit the character, beat and nature of the song they are dancing too. Generally, two kinds of Ballroom Dance exist. The first is known as the Smooth Ballroom Dance, where dancers dance counter-clockwise, on the whole dance floor. The dance partners continuously move on the dance floor, smoothly altering dance patterns. Several dance patterns dancers use are the Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep and Waltz. On a general note, the dance movements are smooth, aesthetically appealing and sensual. The second kind of Ballroom Dance is referred to as the Latin-Rhythm style of Ballroom Dancing. Dance partners performing Latin-Rhythm styles of Ballroom Dancing do not use the entire dance floor, but tend to stay in one spot. Latin-Rhythm styles are more powerful and energetic dances, in contrast to Smooth Ballroom Dances, where dancers move to more rhythmical music. Examples of Latin-Rhythm dances are Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha, Merengue, Disco, Samba, Pose Doble, Swing and Disco.

Who can Dance to Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing does not discriminate between ages or backgrounds, thus any enthusiastic beginner may try Ballroom Dancing! No dance background or specific skills are required to begin Ballroom Dancing. The trainer teaches his/her students uncomplicated dance steps, and how to move to the rhythm of the song.

Ballroom Dancing is a dance form that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Recently, primary and secondary students have begun taking up Ballroom Dancing. Furthermore, due to the fact Ballroom Dancing can be danced in a smooth and moderate fashion, the elderly find the hobby incredibly fascinating, not to mention it is good exercise.
Ballroom Dancing is a skill that once you have learnt it can be used for life. Additionally, it is a wonderful and interesting way to keep in shape and exercise.

Performance Ballroom Clothing

Ballroom Dancewear is diversified and depends on the style of Ballroom Dance you are performing. Generally, women tend to wear long-length dresses for more conventional types of dancing like for example the Waltz and shorter dresses, offering ease in movement, when performing more energetic dances like the Samba. In order to choose the best dancewear costume, dancers need to take into account their personal style, character and style of dance and how comfortably they need to move on the dance floor. For instance a long gown is not considered suitable for dancers which perform a routine that requires a lot of moving, since there is a large possibility they will step on it!

Typically, in the past, dancers tended to lean towards black Ballroom costumes, as black is a bold and impressive colour that compliments the dancers on stage. Nonetheless, through the years, Ballroom costumes have also evolved, and dancers now choose a variety of colours and fabrics for their costumes, according to the type of dance, personal taste and style and suitability. More provocative dancewear is made, so as to attract the audience’s attention and the dancers’ glamour while in the spotlight.

Elena Papanikolaou Couture Dancewear is a renowned dancewear company that creates all-style dancewear costumes. All the dancewear costumes are handmade, making sure the costume reflects the dancer’s personal style, the character of the form of dance and its suitability while on stage.