If for any reason whatsoever you are in a dilemma whether to continue pole dancing because it has been negatively connected to strip clubs, or whether you find pole dancing as a ‘bad girl’ activity or you truly believe that pole dancing only offers you a great workout-well then, you should really reconsider taking up another hobby. There are thousands of other ways to get in shape without dancing sensually around a pole wearing a bikini and stilettos!

Did you know that pole dancing did not originate in strip clubs? It is a fact! Even though you are all in disbelief right now, pole dancing is an ancient dance form that surfaced well before strip clubs even existed!

Pole dancing is traced back to the 12th century, and connected to an ancient fertility dance called Maypole. Maypole dancing came in diverse variations. One of the most well known Maypole dances included a wooden pole, whereby dancers twisted ribbons around the wooden pole as they sensually danced around it. Maypole dancing is still alive and kicking, as many performances are recreated until this day usually during Renaissance festivals.

Mallakhamb is an Indian sport whereby practitioners perform using a wooden pole. This form of sport is known as Pole Gymnastics in English, and is traced back to the 12th century, but spread mostly during the 19th century. Nonetheless, the pole that most resembles the pole used in pole dancing in contemporary times is the Chinese Pole. Both the Mallakhamb and Chinese Pole are covered in rubber to allow performers to stick to them more easily. Both forms are more practiced by men performers.

Pole dancing spread in the Western world in the 1920s, when the mid-pole of a circus tent was used for dancing. Pole dancing then became popular in clubs around the 1950s as the burlesque concept gained more and more popularity. During the 1980s, pole dancing moved into strip clubs across Canada and the USA.

The first exotic dance school to open its doors in Canada was in 1994 by the dancer Fawnia Dietrich. Sheila Kelley followed in the same footsteps by opening multiple dance studios of the same genre in the USA around 2000. Although pole dancing seems to have spread from the USA and Canada, it seems to be more socially accepted in other developed western countries like Europe and Australia. Although it is difficult to exactly pinpoint when pole dancing gained popularity in the United Kingdom and Australia, it is interesting that the majority of talented pole dancers originate from these countries.

Pole Dancing has been on the rise, gaining tremendous popularity over these few years, as an excellent way to exercise and keep fit. Nevertheless, practitioners should be aware of the roots of this dance form. There are thousands of ways to get fit, so those who look down on pole dancing for one reason or the other, should take up another form of exercise, and leave pole dancing to the open-minded and liberate.

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